S/J “Carry On The Name” – no pressure…

It is time, dear friends, for yet another tale of coming to Americana via punk…

S/J is Seth Jude Richard, a south Louisiana boy who now lives in Florida. He grew up in a French rich culture, and his grandfather introduced him to Cajun French music and acoustic music at a very young age. By the time he was 9, Seth would pick up a guitar and start to dream and at the young age of 12 he entered the world of punk rock.  His musical trek started with his own band, Layden and the Lion, (Little Rocket Records) and he would record with Aaron Gillespie of Underoath, who would also produce and play drums on the record, ‘The Lucky Ones’. He was the bass player on a Ten Foot Pole tour – he paid some punk rock dues.  But then came Covid – and Seth decided to embark on a solo journey to release his upcoming debut album, ‘Black Magnolias‘ and it seems like those early musical experiences came back to influence him.  This is roots…but with an edge.

Carry On The Name‘ tells a father’s story – it’s directly a life lesson dedicated to S/J’s oldest son and contrast a view of how to deal with today’s world, while also showing him how S/J himself was brought up.

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