Scott Zosel “Emily” – marking our place with bookmarkers

True, it sounds like a love song but ‘Emily‘ is actually inspired by Emily Dickenson, so it is perhaps more a love of words.   Scott Zosel told us this about the song: “I have been obsessed with Emily Dickinson’s poetry for years. I actually wrote the song for a play I am co-writing with my sister-in-law Catherine Glynn which started 2-3 years ago. I like to think of her as the ‘Dylan’ of her time. Emily has a command of elevated language that metaphorically challenges the established norms of her day. Conversely, she also creates vivid imagery of nature and our relationship to it. This song is simply a tribute to the inspiration she is to me as I write my own prose and poetry for songs.”

Emily‘ is taken from Minneapolis singer-songwriter Scott Zosel’s new album ‘Tiny Yellow Room‘ which leans a little into the sunnier side of The Jayhawks in sound.  Zosel recorded ‘Tiny Yellow Room‘ having reconnected with his song writing during (and you’ve guessed it already!) the Covid lockdowns.  Zosel says of his music that “I strive to weave my interpretation of rock, pop, country or Americana styles into a suitcase of original songs. My resulting repertoire is a mixed bag, not genre specific, influenced by artists such as Gram Parsons, Joe Henry, Jeff Tweedy, Patty Smith, Ryan Adams, Liz Phair, even John Lennon.”  There are worse peoplt to be influenced by…

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