Seth Swirsky “Sunny Day” – enjoying the melodic sunshine

Photo: Ruthie Brownfield

Seth Swirsky makes no bones about his inspirations on ‘Sunny Day‘, this upbeat power-pop song has unmistakable Beatlesque touches in the fuzzed up guitar breaks.  Amongst all the imagery of the song there is, Swirsky avers, a simple message:  “All of these offbeat, chaotic images of ballerina’s posing on cherry trees and wheels spinning backwards and broken clocks came to me when I first got the melody for the song. Then I thought, none of that matters—just as long as the ‘sun’s shining.’ That’s kind of my philosophy of life— that even in the midst of the everyday, omnipresent chaos of our lives, the sun still shines —and if you can stop and feel it on your face, it’s a reminder that life is so good.

Sunny Day‘ comes from the new album ‘Songs From the Green Couch‘, out April 8th on Lolipop Records.  Talking of the sound on the album Swirsky has said: “Rob Campanella, of Brian Jonestown Massacre — who engineered the album— introduced me to two guys in The Triptides: bassist Glenn Brigman and drummer Brendan Peleo-Lazar. The three of us (me on most guitars, pianos and mellotrons) became the core of the entire record. I sang all vocals and arranged the live strings. L.A. musicians, Kirk Hellie and Fernando Perdomo contributed their talents on some songs as well. But, as I said, the core was myself and the Triptides, which added a certain ‘toughness’ to my natural pop sensibilities.”

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