Something for the long weekend: Briscoe “Wild Thing”

That’s it from us for this week dear reader, a rare 4 day break for us as we head into the Easter weekend. Good luck to you if you’re battling British bank holiday traffic or weather (which calls to mind a great Fountains of Wayne album, whose Adam Schlesinger who died four years ago on Monday). We leave you with a live version of a track from an album we reviewed back in September. Hailing from Texas, Briscoe are made up of Truett Heintzelman and Philip Lupton who first met as fourteen-year-olds at a summer camp just outside Kerryville where they discovered a shared passion for the music of John Prine, as well as folk duo’s past and present such as Simon and Garfunkel and the Avett Brothers. Their debut album begins with three “bangers” as the kids say, one of them being ‘Wild Thing’ which features a melody you would serve time for. Mind you the whole album is great – do give them a listen.

If you’re heading to the big Palestine demo on London on Saturday, you have as always our solidarity. You can find out more local events happening around the country over at the PSC website including a demo here in Liverpool on Saturday at 1pm outside Lime St Station. We keep going until the madness ends. Take care and have a good one.

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Les Smith

A very enjoyable cd indeed. Not a bad track to be found (imho), though I’m way too old to identify the “bangers”.