Something for the weekend: Dan Golding “Slippery Pond” (feat. Grace Bruxner)

That’s it for another week dear reader and we leave you with a recommendation from Edge magazine – not content with making me a distracted parent 13 times a year (“stop playing with those matches/firelighters/dynamite – just let me quickly read this Steven Poole article on dialectical materialism in walking simulators”) they are now invading my listening territory by recommending Americana songs from quirky little indie games like Frog Detective 3 (“Corruption at Cowboy County”!) which makes me kind of wish I hadn’t cancelled my Steam Deck order. I’ve written previously on the joy of music in videogames and while the world can’t have too many bleeps, it’s not all about bleeps as this song evidences. Have a good one – see you next week for our end of year extravaganza.

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