Something for the weekend: Joy Oladokun “questions, chaos, & faith”

That’s it from us for another week and we leave you dear reader with something from acclaimed singer, songwriter, and maverick Joy Oladokun who has officially shared her anxiously awaited new single today “questions, chaos, & faith”. With the song, she pays tribute to the memory of her childhood best friend Casey by delivering what you could describe as a stark and soul-stirring anthem. Faint acoustic guitar echoes with raw feeling as she laments, “Nothing is certain, everything changes,” only to try to accept, “There are no answers, only questions, chaos, and faith.” The accompanying music video translates this sentiment to the screen with an intimate vignette, an elegy to a friend gone too soon.

And talking of people who are going too soon, whole neighbourhoods at a time, you can find out your local events related to Palestine over at the PSC site here. Take care and have a good one.

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