Video Premiere: Claudia Buzzetti “Planet Labirinto”

Photo supplied by Hoodooh PR

Here’s the latest single from multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Claudia Buzzetti. ‘Planet Labirinto’ begins with rhythmic acoustic guitar, reinforced by subtle percussion from Luca Ferrari, before the introduction of Buzzetti’s distinctive voice.  As the song grows, with Alberto Ferrari’s bass adding a great groove to the drums, Buzzetti’s words tumble out in a melodic stream – it’s an excellent vocal performance.

Buzzetti told AUK about the song and visual: “I’ve always had the idea of making a video of this song with me walking down the street and listening to the same song. This is how I experienced it and this is how I experience 90% of music and its magic. Initially I also wanted to shoot with dancers on the street and maybe even myself together with them in New York, where I was between July and October 2023 but it was a little complicated.  I met Clemence in a bar in Bushwick, Brooklyn, a girl who does the lighting on movie sets. I asked her if she wanted to help me with the video and she lent me her camera from the early 2000s (maybe late 90s) and practically in one afternoon we shot the scenes on the street in New York. I brought a big bag of clothes and the guitar from Manhattan Tompkins Square Park (where I was based), just in case we needed it. I would also have liked to do some scenes with me walking full of bags and bags, as is my usual, especially when I travel. Towards the end you see the material. We passed through the Greenpoint neighborhood, Bushwick, and some shots from the roof of the house where Clem lives in Brooklyn. The shots in the park are from McCarren Park: I spent many hours watching people train, listening to the song, sitting, walking, walking, sitting, my song in their ears (even to choose the master!) and them doing gymnastics, many, beautiful. The lights of the running track, the sneakers, the muscles, the running, the breathing, the rollers, the football team training in the centre, the jumps, the dogs, and my piece that told me to run and take flight.”

Buzzetti is a real performer as we can see in the video for ‘Planet Labirinto’, in which she sways and twists through the streets of Bergamo.  From a young age, she pursued acting and writing, as well as music.  With a background in different languages, piano, guitar, classical music, poetry and opera singing, Buzzetti blends her talents and influences and genres to create music that feels new and fresh.  Before moving to America in 2019, Buzzatti appeared at the Townes Van Zandt Festival in 2018, reflecting her move towards Americana and country music.  The end result is assured and engaging songwriting.  Enjoy.

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