Something for the weekend: Lucinda Williams “Save Yourself”

Well that’s it for us this week dear reader. Hope you enjoyed our countdown of our top 10 americana albums of all time – don’t worry if you’re outraged by any of the choices, we’ll be inviting you to choose your own next week. A sign of the times too that our winning band were called The Band but that bands in general are apparently in their death throes. It’s all the fault of “the youth” apparently!

Anyway, we leave you this week with a new song, a cover to be precise, by the artist who appeared at the number 3 spot in our list, Lucinda Williams (not a band). ‘Save Yourself’ is taken from a new project from Sharon Van Etten who has enlisted a sterling group of artists from Fiona Apple to Courtney Barnett to cover the entirety of her debut album.

“I am in tears listening to Lucinda Williams’ interpretation of ‘Save Yourself’ — owning my words, watching her perform, giving it her heart,” Sharon Van Etten told Rolling Stone in a statement. “How does one express waking up from a dream and the feeling that a legend in your eyes is connecting with your music? Not many get to see and hear it happen. In these distant and impalpable moments, I am touched. Lucinda represents not just a singer and writer, but a poet — one who has helped me reconnect with my mother and find a new voice in my own music as I continue to explore songwriting beyond my melodies and my voice, but through my words and stories.” Have a good one.

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