Something for the weekend: Paul Kelly “Back to the Future”

Well that’s it from us for another week. If you’re at Black Deer this weekend, I am NOT JEALOUS AT ALL. Bloody kids. There will be some AUKers around so please do go and say hello if you spot anyone. We were going to go completely leftfield (rightfield?) this week and leave you with a track from Illinois country star Brett Eldredge but then thought it might cause riots outside AUK Towers. Still, a great song is a great song, and the video for it premieres today at 4pm here if you’re so inclined. (If it’s cheesy, and it probably will be, we are not time travellers so bear no responsibility for that link).

Instead we leave you this week dear reader with the opening track from the new Paul Kelly album which lands this weekend. ‘Time’ is the first in a series of themed compilations from the acclaimed troubadour and deservedly Australian national treasure, and ‘Back to the Future’ is brand new and as good a way to start this weekend if you’re not at Black Deer as you’d hope. Have a good one (you bastards!)

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