Something for the weekend: Richmond Fontaine “Don’t Skip Out on Me”

It’s been a strange old week dear reader, almost biblical with its turn of events, and although here in the People’s Republic of Liverpool we’re long used to misrepresentation from national media, it sadly doesn’t make it any easier to bear. A decent man who was a genuine challenge to the system gets betrayed by people he trusted on Thursday, gets crucified by the authorities shortly after… familiar? The resurrection bit of the story feels a long way away right now. In the meantime, actual racists are in government but hey, there’s a dead cat. Anyway, we ran a story sometime ago about this particular man’s good taste to have a Willy Vlautin book on his shelf. So JC – this one’s for you. Don’t skip out on us just yet – they can cut all the flowers, but they can’t stop the coming of spring. Take care everyone.

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Mark Whitfield has been Editor of Americana UK for the last 20 years while also working in public health as his day job, which has been kind of busy recently.


  1. What that man said! I’m fuming. And theTories are getting away with, literally, murder. Keir Starmer… what to say?

  2. Sorry to disagree with you, JC made Labour unelectable. They have had an ‘open goal’ in political terms, for years with Theresa May & BJ at the helm, and have failed to get elected, only themselves to blame, and we are left with the current shambles.

    • It’s OK to disagree Tris! How do you explain the 2017 election result though? What changed between 17 and 19 wasn’t the leadership obviously, it was Brexit (where Corbyn’s favoured position might have saved some of the red wall seats) and the Israeli lobby who began to do exactly the same thing to Sanders when they thought he was potentially going to be the Democrat nominee. Labour in 2017 under Corbyn would have won had it not been for those within the party undermining him.

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