Something for the weekend: Ruston Kelly “Belly of the Beast”

Ruston Kelly
Photo provided by Rounder Records

Well that’s it from us for another week dear reader. If you’re an AUK supporter, your new playlist will be winging its way to you at 5pm tonight, along with our exclusive “The Best Americana I’ve Heard This Year” playlist pulled together by our whole writing team. You can become an AUK supporter for just £2 per month by heading here – we’d be extremely grateful of the support. Please do vote in our annual readers poll if you have a minute to spare – the difference between one artist winning a category and not another can sometimes come down to a couple of votes so your participation does make a difference.

In the meantime, we leave you with a new track by the reliable purveyor of great things Ruston Kelly with his new single ‘Belly of the Beast’. “I tried to imagine myself as some Aragorn type character facing a beast in the form of all my shortcomings, failures, and self-destructive tendencies,” Kelly shared in a comment. “But not the heroic warrior yet, more the very human one, faced with a fateful choice when his sword breaks or the beast roars its loudest: give up or try? I like to think I will always pick try. That’s essentially what this song is.” Which we are thankful for Ruston! Have a good one.

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