Something for the weekend: Starpainter “Even in a Car”

Photo: Heather Saitz

That’s it from us for another week. We get sent lots of stuff here at AUK as you can imagine, and while we drill down into the best of it for you dear reader, we essentially have about 5 minutes before we have to move onto the next submission. IT NEVER ENDS. Just occasionally however, something comes through which warms my cockles so much that I can’t get it off repeat – one such track is ‘Even in a Car’ by Alberta, Canada’s Starpainter whose new album ‘Rattlesnake Dream’ hit our desks recently. I cannot tell you how much I love it – the high point of a superb album – and it performs a public service by potentially helping me to dislodge George Ezra from 2023’s Spotify Wrapped list which my son is doing his best to keep there. Hey they may even be able to buy a small cup of Tim Horton filter coffee with the proceeds. Or you could just buy the record. Have a good one.

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