Something for the weekend: Taylor Swift and Haim “No Body, No Crime”

Well that’s it for another week dear reader, a week which felt like the good old times, talking about Brexit again instead of Covid. If you feel like burying your head in the sand for, say, the next 10 years who could blame you, but if you do, before you do, don’t forget to vote in our readers poll if you haven’t already. And then while you’re down there, why not listen to the new Taylor Swift album ‘Evermore’ which is out today, her second indie-folky album of the year. While it’s difficult to choose a standout track, and the title track with Bon Iver is as good as anything he’s done in recent years, certainly one of finalists would have to be ‘No Body, No Crime’ which is a collaboration with LA’s Haim sisters with a nice bit of harmonica and which wraps its tentacles around you before you know it. Have a good one.

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