Something for the weekend: Tom Waits “New Year’s Eve”


Well that’s it for our short first week back after the Christmas break. Don’t forget you can win Mary Gauthier tickets if you’re one of our supporters – more on this here. Since we don’t update over the holiday period, we’re 5 days late with this but it’s a good opportunity to listen to this recent classic by Tom Waits, the closing song from his “Bad as Me” album released back in 2011. About the song, “If you’ve ever been at one of those gatherings where things went badly, where we all sing even though the fireworks scared the dog and he’s been gone for two hours, and someone lit the sofa on fire, and Marge got food poisoning, and Bill O’Neal called the cops,” Waits told Pitchfork around the time of its release. Hopefully yours was less eventful. Have a good one everyone.

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David D Harper

There’s just something compelling about Tom Waits voice, isn’t there? And when you combine that attraction to lyrics that come from a world-weary reservoir of human caprice and misfortune, you have a sound that resonates deep inside.