Songs for the apocalypse: Grand Drive “No Doubt About It”

One of the first people I came into any kind of regular contact with when I first began this AUK lark was Danny George Wilson who to anyone vaguely connected with the UK americana community is something of a John the Baptist figure to the genre (assigning biblical characters to key americana figures should probably be a dissertation for someone one day). Not only was he incredibly kind to me when I was flailing about trying to do things, I was starstruck because he was in the band Grand Drive who I adored from before AUK was so much as a twinkle in my eye. I asked Captain America to play this particular song on Virgin one Sunday night and I still remember feeling the hairs go up on the back of my neck as it came on in the car. The record it’s taken from ‘See the Morning In’ sounds as fantastic as it always has done today.

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Andy Riggs

Hi Mark, I didn’t know the connection but as you say made some damn fine music. I live close to Grand Drive and had to persuade locals that the band weren’t some novelty act from South London. Saw them live in the early days with The Jayhawks & Josh Rouse.


Hi Mark, yes saw them when supporting Aimee Mann at what was The Astoria, happy days!

Graham Davies

Saw this band a few times…notably supporting Elliot Smith at Manchester Academy……..would love to know the full ltyrics to this song….any ideas??