Songs for the apocalypse: Great Lakes “Precious and Reckless”

Occasionally here at AUK we get sent an album which we probably wouldn’t have come across in a million years had someone not thought to wing it our way but which blows our collective mind. ‘Diamond Times’ by Georgia’s Great Lakes (not be confused with Great Lakes-Wimmers) is one such record – the arrangements, the composition, the songs themselves, not to mention frontman Ben Crum’s vocals and harmonies. For me it’s as perfect a record as we’ve ever been sent and the track ‘Precious and Reckless’ from the album might not be the most reckless thing you’ll ever hear, but it’ll certainly be one of the most precious.

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Mark Whitfield has been Editor of Americana UK for the last 20 years while also working in public health as his day job, which has been kind of busy recently.

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