Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 107

Count those blessings

First world problems …

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As mentioned last week I am currently on hols in France. It has pissed down most of the time. It’s all very well reading, drinking and eating but occasionally you have to leave the comfort of the van to source more food and drink.

Week two involved a relocate to Western Brittany. It’s a beautiful spot by the beach, rock pools, waves, seafood restaurants etc. No Wi-Fi signal.  I watched Phoenix Nights, Sideways and Withnail and I, I read two books in two days, walked horizontally to the arse end of nowhere,  came back and left two days early.

I watched the news today for the first time in ages holed up in a hotel near Bayeux. It brought me up short. Problems… I have none. I’m lucky to be who I am where I am.

Normal service will be resumed next week – in the meantime please enjoy the latest broadcast. It’s the last prerecord full of the usual jibber jabber and music from Anna Calvi, The Delines, Nico, Neil Young, Richie Havens, Samantha Crain and loads more. As ever take what you want or need. By the way that’s me on the far left of the photo.

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