Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 37

An autumn reflection

Redemption through nature and beer!

With the year 11 mock exams finished and the stress levels of that particular year group returning to a normal pitch Mrs H and I took flight, not in the trusty van, but by car to pub lodgings in the rustic retreat of Burford in the Cotswolds for the weekend. And bloody hell it was marvellous. I love my van but waking up in a warm room and indulging in a full English breakfast in dry and spacious surroundings takes some beating on a cold autumnal morning. This joy, followed by a long, languorous walk really slothed the skin of school from my bones in a far more profound way than I expected. Was it the combination of new surroundings encouraging living in the moment, the sheer vibrancy of the colours of the countryside or perhaps the lashings of Wadworths 6X – whatever it was, it was welcome. Like pressing a reset button.

For those seeking details The Royal Oak at Burford is highly recommended and set off the main drag – you avoid having to get out of the way of the Chelsea tractors and their occupants but still close enough to try every delightful watering hole of which there are several.

To return to the mock exams, as the results come in it is clear that the last two years have had a profound effect. These will be the first public exams this year group have taken and certainly the first regulated exams many of them have ever taken. Next summer could be very brutal come results day…

This weeks sounds are as eclectic as they could be. First up the seemingly forgotten ‘punk poet visionary’ Patrick Fitzgerald swiftly followed by Matt Berninger from his solo album from last year and finally some good old Southern Rock from way back when with Molly Hatchet – crack the window slightly, put your foot down and charge down the open road!!!

As ever take what you want or need.

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