Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 38

Got me my wind up torch.....

Preparation is the key.

Given the current state of affairs; the sighting of a new Covid variant hoving into view, the obscenity of the humanitarian crisis in the Channel and surrounding countryside, the pastoral horrors being disclosed on a daily basis in school, the impending implosion through exhaustion and under-resourcing of the NHS and the seeming indifference of central Govt. to the howls of frustration and anguish from the majority of the electorate my mind has been drawn to fantasies of escape and splendid isolation.

Not my standard operating position at all, being a gregarious cove under normal circumstances, but as winter stalks our streets, hand in hand with the game boy fantasy named OMICROM, there is a nagging feeling that the curtains need drawing a little tighter and the larder needs to be a little fuller. This is anathema to me; I have no greater delights in my life than sharing time with others be it for laughs or simply the affirmation that a life shared is a worthwhile one. So why do I feel the need to buy that extra tin of beans and that wind-up torch online? Is it the dark nights, the relentless apocalyptic storylines on every release on Netflix, Prime and beyond? Perhaps the political rhetoric that has reached 11 and gone beyond? We all thought things would die down after Brexit but the polarisation continues apace and all but the properly impassioned are getting tired.

Maybe that’s it.

I just want a good lie down – trouble is to sleep soundly I am starting to need to know that my food store is full and there’s plenty of logs and wine in the house.

Then, there’s the question of if I’m becoming a prepper what am I prepping for? Peace of mind. Hopefully. Being able to survive physically when the world is a scorched wasteland. Probably not. No one to talk to…………. what would be the point of that?

Three from all over today. Loving the new Yola, and loving more Loudon Wainwright and finally those Hard Working Americans. As ever take what you want or need.

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Riding the one eyed horse into dead town the scales fell from his eyes. Music was the only true god at once profane and divine The dust blew through his mind as he considered the offering... And then he scored it out of ten and waited for the world to wake up
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Thanks Keith. I hear you…