Sounds from beyond the Shed Week 40

Bless us everyone

Credit: Maggie

Happy Christmas I think…

So here it comes like a speeding bullet – the end of term. Feels more like the end of days when watching current news bulletins. Couple of questions:

Why when reporters ask about potential government policy to protect people they always refer to ‘restrictions’ rather than ‘safety measures’? Semantics, I know but it starts a conversation with a negative connotation rather than a positive or constructive one. From small acorns mighty issues grow.

What does Christmas mean to you? To the headless, sugared up to the max. Students roaring around our site this week it seems to be a chance to turn the volume up and experience every single emotion to the point of hysterical exhaustion. Myself, I have for the past few years been persuaded to dress as strange bearded gent and visit local primary schools dispensing gnomic wisdom and recommended listening (see photo above). I cannot tell you, dear reader, how much joy I have witnessed at first hand this week as screaming children demand to know my favourite reindeer or what I prefer to eat with Mrs Christmas. Less joy was experienced as I began to recommend including The Felice Brothers on their Christmas lists… reading the room I changed it to a recommendation for My Little Pony accessories and hysteria was restored!!

For me, Christmas is a more crisp walks, foaming ale kind of thing with much pleasure coming from stomping through a muddy wood or jumping on half frozen puddles. I’ll sign off for a couple of weeks and be back in the new year but what ever this next couple of weeks means to you I hope you all stay well and loved by those you love yourselves.

There’s a suitably seasonal selection this week. First up the Stones‘ best ever track, I kid you not, in extended form too. Then, not particularly Americana, but as our Govt has clearly shown if we can break the rules, now is the time; we have some James Brown from his brilliant Christmas album and finally one for our lovely editor with his favourite group singing a typically amusing ditty. Bless us all. [And God bless you twice Keith – Ed]

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Andrew D

Hey Keith, as everyone else is doing it, any chance of a best of 2021 playlist?

Ray Walker

Thank you very much for the journey you take me on each week. You make me think ouside my box (Sorry!) and open my ears to sounds I would normally not consider and for that I am very grateful. Long may the teaching profession employ the likes of you who show a great faith in humanity. You educate me and I have now just reached three score and ten. Have great Christmas & New Year – watch out for the deep puddles!