VERSIONS – “These Days”

Here we are again with “VERSIONS” – our look at the songs, the performers and the interpretations by performers of the songs. This time around Gordon Sharpe casts his eye over over the song ‘These Days’ and some of its varied iterations over the decades. Continue reading “VERSIONS – “These Days””

The Song Remains: Adam Schlesinger 1967 – 2020

Regular and recent readers of this website will have seen from his current posts following Adam Schlesinger’s death on April 1st, from complications with Covid-19, that our esteemed editor is a particular fan of the artist and his band Fountains Of Wayne. In these, he shared his personal feelings on what Adam’s music has meant to him and acknowledging that while they weren’t a country band, Fountains Of Wayne recorded, in his opinion, a great country track with ‘Fire In The Canyon’, which just happens to be his favourite track of all time. Fountains Of Wayne were the most obvious outlet for Adam Schlesinger’s talents as songwriter, with his college friend and lead vocalist Chris Collingwood, producer, bassist and multi-instrumentalist, but they are only part of his rich legacy. Continue reading “The Song Remains: Adam Schlesinger 1967 – 2020”

10 Fountains of Wayne songs with an americana vibe

Whenever I would tell someone that Fountains of Wayne were my favourite band, it would often be a met by a kind of bemused look, mainly because of that song. But as is often the case with bands who have one big hit, there was so much more to them than that. You sadly only find out of course how loved people are when they’re not with us any more and the news of the Fountains’ Adam Schlesinger’s death from Coronavirus last week felt like a devastating blow, particularly given his young age. It was made marginally more bearable by the accolades heaped upon him by writers across the world which evidenced the esteem he was held in and the respect from musical journalist and fellow musicians which he garnered far and wide. Continue reading “10 Fountains of Wayne songs with an americana vibe”

Something for the weekend: Fountains of Wayne “Fire in the Canyon”

We leave you this week dear reader on a sad note. Those of you who I have banged on about my tastes to over the years will know that Fountains of Wayne are my favourite band of all time, and so “devastated” might be too strong a word to use for someone you don’t know personally but it floored me yesterday to hear about Adam Schlesinger’s death earlier this week from Coronavirus. FOW not only recorded my favourite album of all time (‘Sky Full of Holes’) but my favourite song of all time too, ‘Fire in the Canyon’ – the number of times I have sat in the car with family, friends, boyfriend, the cats, belting this out tunelessly at the tops of our voices. RIP Adam. You made this guy very happy.

Fountains of Wayne’s Adam Schlesinger dead at 52

Fountains of Wayne haven’t been mentioned on AUK for many years mainly because of their longterm hiatus from recording after recording one of the greatest folk-pop records of all time ‘Sky Full of Holes’ so it’s devastating to report (and late in the day sorry, we have only just heard) that singer-songwriter Adam Schlesinger has died at the age of 52 after being diagnosed with coronavirus. Continue reading “Fountains of Wayne’s Adam Schlesinger dead at 52”

Songs for the apocalypse: Fountains of Wayne “Fire in the Canyon”

Fountains of Wayne will always be known for ‘Stacy’s Mom’ which is kind of unfortunate when it means people will overlook absolute gems in their back catalogue such as ‘Hey Julie, The Summer Place’ and this cut from their 2007 album ‘Traffic and Weather’. For some reason the end of it always reminds me of the theme to The Littlest Hobo, a country road song whose jangle guitar belies the foreboding lyrics describing “an eerie kind of sadness on the highway today” and describing hotel rooms as “air-conditioned cable-ready cold padded cells”. More The Band than Weezer, FOW are on a long term hiatus at the moment. If they don’t return, this still lives on in my mind as one of the best country songs ever by a non-country band.