Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 85

Damn that smarts

The Nude Party
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Leading a fairly active school life tends to keep the physical ailments at bay although exposure to 1,000 snotty kids also has an impact usually early September. Swimming a kilometre a day before school also seems to keep things working as they should but this last Monday as the alarm went off at 6am I swung my legs to the floor and then discovered that my back wasn’t working properly and promptly fell on the floor. Managed to get up but protests from the lumber vertebrae slowed me down, made it to the pool thinking this’ll help. It didn’t. So three days later I’m still hobbling around school like Quasimodo whose hump has slipped as the heat packs bulge above my belt. Teaching Drama unable to bend down is a bit of a challenge but I have yet to see a child snigger. I’m sure it happens but only behind my… you guessed it… back.

So a ginger week and I’m not talking Hucknall or biscuits. I have booked into to see a notoriously savage local physio this afternoon and will let you know.

Sounds this week have been mainly soothing but this selection has a bit of everything first up Emmet Finley recently rediscovered and rereleased, classic 70s stuff then I’ve been listening to a lot of Burt and Elvis does it perfectly and finally a bit of Stonesy Nude Party

As ever take what you want or need. In my case everything in the picture.


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