Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 98

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Always have a plan.

I am forever telling my daughters and the students in school that if you have nothing else… have a plan. Be it simply how to get out of meeting someone you don’t want to meet, working out how you’re going to make £20 last until the weekend, knowing the exits in a dodgy pub or perhaps even having a source of income if your main source dries up for whatever reason. And so it was I spent my Saturday last in a dingy classroom with 15 refuse lorry drivers for a seven-hour lesson about tachograph regulations! Did I mention I used to drive and operate European coach tours? No. Ah well a long time ago – I kept my license but legislation now does not allow me to drive one without 35 hours of ‘training’ – no exam at the end you just have to listen. Ffs! Madness but I am now one-fifth back on the road. I don’t intend to drive regularly but you always have to have a… well you know.

It’s first practice broadcast tonight at the radio station and the debate still rages about the opening track but I have decided that all my bedding tracks will either be Morricone spaghetti-western tracks or some bluegrass instrumental versions of Neil Young songs. If it goes well I’ll see about publishing a link next week to Mixcloud. In the meantime here are three songs that will feature in the first show. I think I’ll go for the Alberta Cross as the opener as it gives me a good 58 seconds to babble on before the vocals start. Second up some Sam Blasucci of Mapache fame,and finally some classic Will Johnson.

As ever take what you want or need. Half term next week so see you in a couple of weeks. Red Rooster here I come – looking forward to seeing Chuck and catching up with some old friends.

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