Sounds from the Shed – Week 4

An ongoing report of a slow motion breakdown

Once more into the shed dear friends

Teaching drama from a shed at the bottom of a sodden garden during a global crisis can occasionally be a particularly challenging thing to do. Demonstrating to twenty Year 6 plus students how to do a full physical warm-up in a space with less room to move than in Boris Johnson’s cupboard of kindness or Jamiroquai’s hat is nigh on impossible and needs careful coordination. The secret to a successful warm-up is making sure that when lunging items of furniture are avoided if scrotums are to be kept intact and that when stretching make sure that knuckles are only partially grazed so when we move onto the breathing exercises, breathing is not a combined yelp and rasping gasp as the freely bleeding knuckles begin to scab over.  If you have managed to negotiate these obstacles it just leaves the business of vocal exercises that in turn can alarm Mrs Giddens at number 22 to the point where she calls the police or in the worst case decides to take direct action by hitting the side of the shed with a carpet beater. Meanwhile all the kids and their parents are laughing their heads off watching you bust a gut!

Ya gotta laugh…..or you’ll cry.

Three more tracks this week. The first, a gorgeous new one from Cory Hansen whose new album is out in a week or so. I have had this on repeat to soothe the savage breast. The second a desolate meditation that chimes only too often. The third …well… sometimes you have to kickback. As ever take what you need.






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I guess being an Americana fan and living next door to Rhiannon Giddens will have it’s compensations!!


Can’t believe you missed the chance to put the DBT cover of your last track up.