Starpainter “Low-Hanging Fruit” – so much choice, is there any choice?

Photo: Heather Saitz

Last time we featured Starpainter – back in 2020 – we noted that the band were a little reticent about giving away too many details about who they were, where they come from.  They were, it seems, all about letting the music speak for itself.  Admirable.  But not satisfying to the curiosity.  Well, we’re happy to say that all that has changed.  So, Starpainter is from Lethbridge, Alberta, and is a four piece band made up of Joel Stretch, Colby Stolson, Mickey Hayward, and Joel Gray.  And we’re going to go out on a limb and say that on ‘Low-Hanging Fruit‘ they have something of an echo of The Band about them.  No bad thing.

Joel Stretch – the band’s lead singer and guitarist – has this to say about ‘Low-Hanging Fruit‘: “This song is a love letter to small-timer musicians, writers, and artists of all kinds.  My life is touched week in/week out by books, songs, paintings, poems, movies, photos–most of it created by folks who work other jobs to make ends meet. ‘Low-Hanging Fruit’ is a tribute to those people honing their craft and digging deep to do their very best work. Spending a life making art is often difficult, financially and otherwise–I wanted to acknowledge the struggle and express gratitude to those pressing on in creating in and around their day jobs and family lives and other responsibilities.”

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