Steve Forbert to release his second album this year

Having released an album of covers of favourite songs, Steve Forbert returns this Fall with a live album.  Not just any old live album either – this is a celebration of ‘Jackrabbit Slim‘ which emerged blinking into the daylight way back in 1979.  It’s the album that gave the world Forbert’s biggest hit single ‘Romeo’s Tune.‘  The album is called ‘Jackrabbit Slim Live In Asbury Park’ and it is available since November 13th via Blue Rose, in association with Time Life. The concert performance was recorded at House of Independents in New Jersey last year with a full band – anyone who has seen Steve live will know he gives a great performance, anyone who has seen Steve live with a band knows that that is something really special.

Speaking of the new recording Steve Forbert expounded that “to me, the challenge of songwriting is to create something that will stand the test of time.  The ‘Jackrabbit Slim LP is hanging in there pretty well. After 40 years, people tell me the songs on this record still have an emotional resonance for them – one that’s not just a nostalgia thing.  I was celebrating the 40th anniversary of this album, recreating an album on stage is a little like performing a play, it has to be a certain way. The audience clearly has a more defined sort of expectation.

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