Storm alert! Emily Barker’s Hurricane hits the UK this week

The always lovely antipodean americana singer-songwriter Emily Barker whose latest album ‘Sweet Kind of Blue’ received a glowing review from us last year, is touring around the UK this week. The AMA-UK artist of the year for 2018 played Winchester on Saturday if you are Dr Who or have a time machine – and is playing other dates which you can peruse below. She’s also released a new video for the song ‘No. 5 Hurricane’ which you can watch below.Taken from her latest album, it was written with her Swedish friend Eric Palmqwist and is described as a song about “building new relationships whilst coming to terms with the breakdown of old ones: the patterns of behaviour, recurring fears, familiar insecurities and our many short-comings; the recognition that over time we all become more complex through our experiences and built-up histories, and that all these accumulated layers shape and define us and sometimes circle back around to haunt us.” We hear you.

Emily talks about the making of the video: “My friend and regular collaborator, Patti Gaal-Holmes (artist, art historian, film-maker, writer) reached out to me earlier this year and asked if I’d be interested in working with her colleague, Babak Jani (cinematographer), to make a music video together. I’ve worked with Patti on so many hugely enjoyable projects that I jumped at the opportunity.

I met with Babak in a coffee shop in London and we talked about films we loved and how their aesthetic and imagery might work well with my song, ‘No. 5 Hurricane’. Drawing inspiration from the symbolism in Wim Wenders’ ‘Wings of Desire’ and the palette and decor of many a Wes Anderson film, we discussed ideas on how to represent memories, passing time, regrets and the difficulty of letting go.

We shot the film in two days at various locations around Bournemouth with an enthusiastic and inspired team from Bournemouth Film School. It was a wonderful experience and I’m really pleased with how it came out. Massive thanks to all who made it happen!”

Here are those dates:

Oct 28 – LONDON The Lexington
Oct 31 – LEICESTER The Musician
Nov 1 – POCKLINGTON Arts Centre
Nov 3 – STROUD Goods Shed

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