Sunny Ozell “Hammer And Nail” – Listen

When she isn’t doing acoustic sessions in English churches, prefacing these with informative insights into architectural development through the medieval period, Sonny Ozell hones her music, developing an ever finer Americana feel.  Her latest release is the EP ‘Live at the Village‘ which was recorded at The Village recording studios in Santa Monica.  It’ll be released on July 17th.

The first track to be previewed from the EP is ‘Hammer and Nail‘, which sees Sunny Ozell moving more directly into political comment – the title is a nod to a Staples Singers song, and acknowledges that real change isn’t easy “take more than a hammer and nail / to keep the peace and finally tip the scales.

The songs on the EP all appeared on Ozell’s last full band album ‘Overnight Lows‘, but as she remarked “it was such a joy to return to The Village recording studios in Santa Monica late last summer to track some acoustic versions of a select group of my songs. I’d thought I would come away with some stripped down “coffee house” kinda takes on the material; “acoustic” has often meant to me “soft” or “delicate”. But what these two days of tracking produced was something of a surprise:  genuine re-imaginings of the songs themselves, albeit performed by all-acoustic instrumentation.”

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