Video: Sunny Ozell “American Tune”

This is a glorious version of Paul Simon’s classic, ‘American Tune’.  Sunny Ozell’s voice is pure, insistent and resonant.  The song came from a recording session at EastWest Studios ready for a live-stream festival.  It’s been a busy year for the Reno, Nevada-raised singer-songwriter, who released her acclaimed second album, ‘Overnight Lows’, and a live EP recorded at the Village. Continue reading “Video: Sunny Ozell “American Tune””

Video: Sunny Ozell “The Valley”

Sunny Ozell’s latest single, ‘The Valley’, is a gently beautiful piece of work and the accompanying video demonstrates masterful musicianship.  This Los Lobos cover is taken from her new EP ‘Live at the Village’, which also features four acoustic versions of songs from the acclaimed ‘Overnight Lows’, released earlier this year.  Although theses new recordings are acoustic, Ozell says: “These re-imaginings are distilled, direct, and unflinching.”   Continue reading “Video: Sunny Ozell “The Valley””

Sunny Ozell “Live at the Village” EP (Chitin Records, 2020)

Ozell’s album, ‘Overnight Lows’ witnessed the first airing for four of the tracks on this EP , to which has been added a cover of the Los Lobos track, ‘The Valley’. These tracks, recorded at  The Village recording studios in Santa Monica  are given an acoustic sparsity that whilst creating a feeling of space also generate particular atmospheres; what Ozell herself describes as a “Coffee House Take”. Continue reading “Sunny Ozell “Live at the Village” EP (Chitin Records, 2020)”

Sunny Ozell “Hammer And Nail” – Listen

When she isn’t doing acoustic sessions in English churches, prefacing these with informative insights into architectural development through the medieval period, Sonny Ozell hones her music, developing an ever finer Americana feel.  Her latest release is the EP ‘Live at the Village‘ which was recorded at The Village recording studios in Santa Monica.  It’ll be released on July 17th. Continue reading “Sunny Ozell “Hammer And Nail” – Listen”

Video: Sunny Ozell “All That I Am”

Here is the latest single from Sunny Ozell’s new album, ‘Overnight Lows’.  The uplifting song has a great groove and is described by Ozell as a ‘femme anthem’.  The new album showcases a range of influences, including jazz, soul and Americana.  ‘All That I Am’ is good example of Ozell’s blend of styles, accompanied by a tasteful video.  Ozell has been busy since her last full album, ‘Take it With Me’, hosting and curating a stage at the Red Rooster Festival with a line-up of female artists and performing live at the Americana Music Association UK Awards ceremony in January this year.  Enjoy.

Sunny Ozell “Overnight Lows” (Chitin Records, 2020)

When an artist’s press release cites influences from the likes of Cassandra Wilson, Aretha Franklin and Bonnie Raitt it certainly grabs the attention, which is good, obviously. On the other hand, it does somewhat build up the expectation levels around an album and makes an unsuspecting reviewer approach with caution. ‘Overnight Lows’ is Sunny Ozell’s second album and if she was looking to make an album that showcased her love of the sultry tones of soul, jazz and blues with which these legends made their names then she has succeeded admirably. The album oozes class throughout and, if pressed for a single word to describe the style and feel on offer it would have to be ‘sophisticated’. Continue reading “Sunny Ozell “Overnight Lows” (Chitin Records, 2020)”

Sunny Ozell, The Islington, London, 4th September 2019

After various forays to the UK, Ms. Ozell is currently undertaking a short tour, this time as the headliner, with a full band in tow, ahead of the launch of her new album, ‘Overnight Lows’, due for release this winter. She is a real extrovert; feisty and outspoken, and has a varied life passage to draw on, from performing as a teenager at low key dives in Boulder, Colorado when she doctored her driving licence data to meet the ID requirements, to life amidst British thespians as she is the wife of Patrick Stewart. Hailing originally from Reno, Nevada, she is classically trained but it is primarily blues influences that are foremost in much of her set tonight, with elements of jazz and some tinges of 1970s pop. It is not too far from a Woodstock hotch potch, fittingly as that influential touchstone has just marked its 50th anniversary. Continue reading “Sunny Ozell, The Islington, London, 4th September 2019”

Red Rooster Festival announce female-led acoustic stage line-up

As it heads towards its 6th year in May of this year, the Red Rooster festival has announced a new collaboration with the Americana Music Association UK and New York singer-songwriter Sunny Ozell, who will be curating, as well as headlining, a female-led acoustic AMA UK stage on Friday the 31st of May. Continue reading “Red Rooster Festival announce female-led acoustic stage line-up”