Adam Klein ‘Low Flyin Planes’ (Cowboy Angel Music, 2019)

This is Klein’s seventh album and with each release he grows into a more assured and distinctive singer songwriter. He describes this album as the ‘sonic follow up’ to 2013’s ‘Sky Blue Deville’, also reviewed enthusiastically on this site and that is exactly what this album is. There is a real sense of whole here – strong production touches, great harmonies and ear worm choruses but also there appears to be a clear game plan. Each track is beautifully constructed – be it the guitar solo on ‘Lead Guitar’ a great track about playing coffee houses alone despite the songs calling for harmonies and other embellishments. Or perhaps the subtle horns on ‘Look Out (Doraville)’ which supports the narrative with a constant counter point to the melody. Glorious and uplifting. Continue reading “Adam Klein ‘Low Flyin Planes’ (Cowboy Angel Music, 2019)”