Pick of the Political Pops: Alabama “20th Century”

It’s been a grim week here at Americana-UK Towers. Firstly it pissed it down like an incontinent Colossus bestride Rhodes. Secondly – in order to get him to sleep after throwing a tantrum – some American Secret Service agents strapped Donny John into a car seat and drove him around for a bit (accidentally infecting anyone in the hermetically sealed vehicle with a potentially deadly virus which will be a scenario familiar to exasperated parents everywhere). And thirdly it was revealed that a populist right-wing government’s outsourcing of vital public works to the private sector was, as suspected, a monumental fuck up proportionate to befriending rats during the Bubonic plague, deciding that due to his height/weight ratio Goliath was the better bet and agreeing that Greek horses couldn’t be that bad. Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Alabama “20th Century””