Andrew Hibbard “Andrew Hibbard” (Sofaburn Records 2020)

This self-titled offering is Andrew Hibbard’s third album, following on from ‘Foot in the Door’ from 2012 and ‘Under the Knife’ from 2015.  The first was made when he was 17 so we can assume that he is a precocious talent. Hibbard was born and grew up in rural Ohio in 1995, young in years but something of an experienced hand in the music business. Whilst he has garnered some very positive press, there seems to be limited information on the man himself.  The current album was apparently a one-take affair completed in 6 hours, which may have its pros and cons.  Hibbard’s professed influences can all be heard very clearly, Dylan, Neil Young, Lou Reed and Hank Williams – funny how often Reed’s name crops up as a guiding light with a number of Americana artists. Continue reading “Andrew Hibbard “Andrew Hibbard” (Sofaburn Records 2020)”

Video Premiere: Andrew Hibbard “Runnin’ From the Enemy”

‘Runnin’ from the Enemy’ showcases Andrew Hibbard’s knack for creating a lovely vocal tune and we are delighted to be sharing this  exclusive video premiere.  This is Hibbard’s second single from his forthcoming third studio album, which is due for release in May.   Hibbard is a prolific song writer, who has written hundreds of songs while he has been honing his craft.  He’s a genuine talent, releasing his debut album at the age of just 17. Continue reading “Video Premiere: Andrew Hibbard “Runnin’ From the Enemy””