Video: Ben Kunder “Stranger”

Canadian singer-songwriter Ben Kunder will soon release his new album ‘Searching for the Stranger’.  While we wait, here is the latest video, which was filmed on the streets of Toronto just before the lockdown.  Kunder says: “‘Stranger’ is me really letting go. It’s about exploration, nostalgia, searching for something greater and deeper than anything you’ve known.”   It builds into a folk-pop anthem, accompanied by an engaging Christopher Mills-directed video,  inspired by ’80s brat pack movies.  Good stuff.

Ben Kunder “Searching For The Stranger” (Independent, 2020)

Alarm bells start ringing for this writer when faced with a promo picture of a singer-songwriter replete with a beard and sporting the obligatory woolly hat. Fearing the worst, tracks are cued up with trepidation. Phew! Relief! This isn’t one of ‘those’ records. Canadian (Toronto-based) Kunder knows about melody and pop sensibilities. Continue reading “Ben Kunder “Searching For The Stranger” (Independent, 2020)”

Video: Ben Kunder “Berlin”

This is a visually beautiful, creative video from Ben Kunder, which was directed by Christopher Mills.  There’s a dreamy quality to it.  Kunder explains: “We wanted to create a world that felt more like you were in an abstract graphic novel lost in time. These are my memories of Berlin; the spots I played, where I walked to get a coffee, met locals, cried in the streets, visited museums.”  The song is taken from ‘Searching for the Stranger’, due for release on 29th May.  One to watch out for.