Evan Ogden “Undone” (Evan Ogden, 2020)

Evan Ogden’s second album ‘Undone’ is an accomplished collection of country ballads with a smattering of folk and protest songs thrown in. Ogden is originally from Austin, Texas and imagery and references to the lone star state are clearly felt throughout. ‘Undone’ is a homage to great country music but also feels like a deeply personal piece. Ogden’s vocals are soft, yet strong, and often drop into a comforting Texan drawl. Continue reading “Evan Ogden “Undone” (Evan Ogden, 2020)”

Track Premiere: Evan Ogden “You’ve Got To Wonder”

You’ve got to wonder how much time we’ve got left” sings Evan Ogden, on a straight forward protest song that lists many of the ills he sees afflicting the United States in the 21st century – particular concerns are chemical and oil spills, over prescribing of medicines, the continual expansion of roads and the loss of wilderness to the constructor. Continue reading “Track Premiere: Evan Ogden “You’ve Got To Wonder””