Track Premiere: Evan Ogden “You’ve Got To Wonder”

You’ve got to wonder how much time we’ve got left” sings Evan Ogden, on a straight forward protest song that lists many of the ills he sees afflicting the United States in the 21st century – particular concerns are chemical and oil spills, over prescribing of medicines, the continual expansion of roads and the loss of wilderness to the constructor. There’s the struggle of the farmer in the face of rising costs – rising for everything but their product…seems like little has changed since Dylan shocked Live Aid by suggesting something should be done for dirt poor farmers in his own land.

It’s a song that Evan Ogden hopes will do a little to promote working together for a common good, as he says “it was important for me to stay away from politics and talk about unity. I think people regardless of their political affiliation are looking around right now and saying, ‘Wait a minute, what is going on? We’re all in this together.

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