Jake Winstrom “Circles” (Independent, 2020)

New York resident Jake Winstrom says his first solo album, 2018’s ‘Scared Away The Song’, suffered from too many “serious songwriter” type songs and not enough fun, uptempo, jangly rock ‘n’ roll. Rest assured, on the follow-up, ‘Circles’, the former frontman of Tennessee band Tenderhooks, hasn’t made the same mistake twice – recent single, ‘What’s The Over/Under?’ is a fantastic, irresistible power-pop tune, with 12-string guitar, soulful horn blasts and a killer chorus that could’ve been written by Fountains of Wayne, while on the chugging, glam rock boogie-meets-country of opener ‘Come To Texas She Said’, reedy-voiced Winstrom does his best Marc Bolan impression. Continue reading “Jake Winstrom “Circles” (Independent, 2020)”

Track Premiere: Jake Winstrom “What’s the Over/Under”

Jangly guitar power pop is the first connection for Jake  Winstrom who’s new single ‘What’s the Over / Under‘ we’re premiering today here at Americana UK.   It’s a song equating luck in love with the ability to gamble correctly – we’re worried though ‘cos as he admits early on “I‘ve never had much of a handle / I’m what I want ’til I fuck it up.Continue reading “Track Premiere: Jake Winstrom “What’s the Over/Under””