Classic Americana Albums: Jeff Buckley “Grace” (Columbia, 1994)

An ex boyfriend of mine once told me that a friend of his (whom I never met) got to see Jeff Buckley perform once. This was told to me years ago, yet I still sometimes find myself thinking enviously of this person whose name I don’t recall, which is a sure testament to the God-like level of worship Buckley brings when you hear his music. Continue reading “Classic Americana Albums: Jeff Buckley “Grace” (Columbia, 1994)”

Video: Jeff Buckley “New Year’s Prayer”

Happy new year from all of us here at AUK, and what kind of New Year would it be without a prayer from Jeff Buckley? This song is thought to be named after the poem that Buckley performed live in New York in 1996 and was written for the follow-up album to the critically acclaimed ‘Grace’.  While this hypnotic song is quite abstract, the imagery of light and stars and lines like: “Feel no shame for what you are…Join us in the streets where we // Don’t belong,” reach out to everyone, bringing us all together, including those who feel different, dispossessed, disenchanted.  That’s a message for us all to absorb as we begin 2020.  Continue reading “Video: Jeff Buckley “New Year’s Prayer””