JM Stevens “Invisible Lines” (Chicken Ranch Records)

This stalwart musician has a life steeped in music. Having enjoyed some level of success with previous bands, if this album is anything to go by, he may well be building on that as he seeks to pursue a solo career. Stevens’ mode of expression seems to be to keep his options open with a range of styles, or maybe I should say ‘Invisible Lines’. Continue reading “JM Stevens “Invisible Lines” (Chicken Ranch Records)”

Track Premiere: J M Stevens “Further I Run”

JM Stevens is best known for his band Moonlight Towers, which, over a period of fifteen years cut four albums and played relentlessly on the Americana circuit.  As time passed and life intervened the touring reduced, the band found they had life commitments to fulfil and Moonlight Towers went on hiatus.  This was not the end of the musical road for JM Stevens though, as his upcoming solo album ‘Invisible Lines‘ proves. Continue reading “Track Premiere: J M Stevens “Further I Run””