Jonathan Hultén “Chants From Another Place” (Kscope, 2020)

If you’re looking for an album to lose yourself in and transport you somewhere else during these anxious days of lockdown, then Swedish singer-songwriter Jonathan Hultén’s aptly named solo debut ‘Chants From Another Place’ should do the trick. Inspired by Acappella folk and church choir compositions, it’s atmospheric and mesmerising – in fact, it sounds like it was recorded deep in a Scandinavian forest, or hewn out of a mountain. Continue reading “Jonathan Hultén “Chants From Another Place” (Kscope, 2020)”

Studio Life: Jonathan Hultén

Jonathan Hultén has just released his debut solo album, ‘Chants From Another Place’.  It’s mesmerising music inspired by acapella folk and church choir compositions. Hultén says the album, which was recorded in his own studio in Sweden, “…will thematically take you through landscapes of ecstasy, passing mountains of death and rebirth, sailing seas of adventure, traversing wastelands of despair and forests of myth. It is an inward journey and only time can tell which places will be visited under its duration. It is a tale of spiritual death and rebirth.”  Indeed, its dark, melancholy tales feel timeless. Continue reading “Studio Life: Jonathan Hultén”

Jonathan Hultén “Where Devils Weep” – Listen

We can’t tell you how often we hear the question “Hey, Americana UK, why don’t you say more about Death-Metal to folk crossover artists, huh ?” And if it is you that has been filling our Email Inbox with this request, well, today is very much your lucky day.  For Jonathan Hultén is just such a one – lead guitarist of Swedish monsters of death-metal Tribulation, he has this year released an introspective acoustic album. Continue reading “Jonathan Hultén “Where Devils Weep” – Listen”

Video: Jonathan Hultén “The Mountain”

This is a beautifully animated video, which perfectly complements Jonathan Hultén’s delicate new song.  His debut album, ‘Chants From Another Place’,  is due to be released on 13th March and, judging from ‘The Mountain’, it is certainly one to look out for. Hultén’s quietly melodic voice and gentle finger-picking guitar have been likened to such artists as Sufjan Stevens, Nick Drake and Fleet Foxes.  That’s good company to keep.  Enjoy.