Josh Okeefe “Bloomin’ Josh Okeefe” (Independent, 2020)

At some point during a review of Josh Okeefe’s music there’s going to be a reference to Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan and for good reason.  In addition to his voice and his delivery style, Okeefe’s music is, when needed, bitingly direct, complete with much of the anger and vitriol associated with those musical giants.  There’s a rawness to his storytelling that is hugely compelling, all aided by a voice that reaches out and grabs you by the throat and insists that you listen and listen carefully and, as with Messrs Dylan and Guthrie, young Mr Okeefe has a lot to say. Continue reading “Josh Okeefe “Bloomin’ Josh Okeefe” (Independent, 2020)”

Josh Okeefe, Water Rats, London, 10th January 2019

The Water Rats was hosting the roving folk club that is Folk on Monday (yes, this was a Thursday). It’s a venue that is also particularly appropriate seeing as its former incarnation,’The Pindar of Wakefield,’ was the site where Dylan made his first UK folk club appearance. There’s even a Blue Plaque by way of commemoration. Josh Okeefe has modelled himself closely on that early Dylan persona – which means that he has actually based himself overtly on Woody Guthrie, and, indirectly, on Ramblin’ Jack Elliot – Dylan saw and was influenced by Jack, but Woody was already long off the gig circuit. Continue reading “Josh Okeefe, Water Rats, London, 10th January 2019”