Mail The Horse “Mail The Horse” (Baby Robot Records, 2019)

Three albums and an EP into their career, Mail the Horse are grabbing the present by channelling times past on a new album of county-tinged blues rock.  So used are we to viewing time as a linear, that we are conditioned to thinking that the passing of time is inextricably linked to progress. From this perspective the implication is that everything should be new, fresh and innovative. But though we live through time, we are just a bit too complex to rush forwards without hankering for the past and sometimes the metaphysical meaning in progress doesn’t fit, or even actually need to fit. Americana, rock, country, roots, psychedelic, folk enthusiasts perhaps, have a particular penchant for a more circular view of time where the appreciation is less the atomistic presence of ‘bands’ and more the re-birthing of a spirit. Continue reading “Mail The Horse “Mail The Horse” (Baby Robot Records, 2019)”

Track Premiere : Mail The Horse “Pitch And Haw”

New York’s Mail the Horse are all set to release their eponymous album, a move which sees the band shifting gears from their earlier rootsy releases to a more mature outlook on life,.  They are, after all, hitting their thirties, a time when bands traditionally step back from the craziness of the rock and roll treadmill and  reassess what they are all about. Continue reading “Track Premiere : Mail The Horse “Pitch And Haw””