Marcus King “El Dorado” (Fantasy Records, 2020)

Marcus King is a genius. Bonafide. A child prodigy on blues guitar, he experienced tragedy, suffering and struggle as a teen that came through so clearly in his first three albums, that Clapton sought him out. That trio of releases were done with his own band, but this is his first stand-alone material, and it feels like a major push to establish him as the next …? Which is the query here. The raw blues have been largely tamed, and it’s more King’s vocals which are the focus, a high, anguished voice, raw, intense, but perhaps pushed too far past his register. Continue reading “Marcus King “El Dorado” (Fantasy Records, 2020)”

Marcus King goes in search of his ‘El Dorado’ before UK tour

Singer-songwriter and guitar supremo, Marcus King, has announced the release of his debut solo record, ‘El Dorado’ on the 17th of January next year, following which he heads to the UK for a six date tour ahead of further dates throughout the rest of Europe. Continue reading “Marcus King goes in search of his ‘El Dorado’ before UK tour”