Video Premiere: Market Junction “Out of Love”

The latest single from Market junction is the heartfelt, familiar story of relationships unravelling.  We can all relate to the recognition that the initial, overpowering love and connection has gone and the resignation of, “It’s just easier to live here in the way.”  We are delighted to share this exclusive video premiere in the week the brand new album will be released.  The Houston-based act deliver new full-length LP ‘Burning Bridges’ on 7th August, which promises to be a melodic, well-crafted collection on the strength of singles ‘Out of Love’ and ‘Nebraska’. Continue reading “Video Premiere: Market Junction “Out of Love””

Market Junction “Nebraska” – Listen

You could be mistaken for thinking that Market Junction hail from a particular place in the USA.  Hell, the hints are right there in the lyrics: “Unless a man’s in love with wind or dust or corn / There ain’t no reason to stay in Nebraska / I’d go home, but I don’t know / If a place like that exists anymore.”  So.  You’ve guessed it ?  You haven’t guessed it, because Market Junction are a Texan band. Continue reading “Market Junction “Nebraska” – Listen”