Molly Maher “Follow” (Real Phonic Records, 2020)

Waiting nine years to produce an album that “feels good”, even scrapping an album along the way because “it didn’t feel authentic”, may seem a little extreme to some, to say the least. But this is exactly what Minnesota artist Molly Maher did – and thank goodness she did – finally producing ‘Follow’, her fourth album overall, a collection of excellent Americana roots, and all hugely enjoyable. Continue reading “Molly Maher “Follow” (Real Phonic Records, 2020)”

Video Premiere: Molly Maher “Run Run Run”

Here is the video premiere of ‘Run Run Run’, the latest single from Molly Maher.  It’s from Maher’s new album, ‘Follow’, her first for many years.  Having taken her time, Maher has written a set of songs that feel fresh but familiar.  Her music is influenced by Americana roots and traditions and there’s a combination of styles: relaxed rhythms complement a catchy melody.  Look out for the album, which is scheduled for release on 12th June.  In the meantime, enjoy Maher’s soulful vocal and fine songcraft here.