Nada Surf – Manchester Academy 3, 13th March 2020

Nada Surf are one of those bands who occupy a distinct corner of americana in the broadest sense – at times they can sound like they’re nothing to do with the genre, their new album having hints of New Order and Built to Spill – there’s a real 90s indie/power-pop sound to their output which hasn’t really changed over the last 20 years. But then at other times they can sound like Teenage Fanclub or Big Star, one of the jangliest around, and the connection seems obvious. Continue reading “Nada Surf – Manchester Academy 3, 13th March 2020”

AUK’s video for the weekend: Nada Surf “Whose Authority”

We leave you on this slightly surreal week dear reader with a song by New York’s Nada Surf at perhaps their most Teenage Fanclubby, taken from their 2008 album ‘Lucky’ which you will be if you’ve ever heard it. The boys play Manchester’s Academy tonight and Glasgow’s Saint Luke’s & The Winged Ox on Sunday- go and grab the chance of a joyous mass gathering while you can. As our own Paul Kerr put it, “Lots of cancellation notices coming in and that will hit musicians in the pocket. So, if you were going to a gig that’s now not going to happen, hop onto the artist’s website and buy something. Stay strong and wash your hands folks!” Have a good one.

Nada Surf “Come Get Me” – Listen

We leave you this week dear reader with a treat for those of you of a more Fannies bent, with a track from the new album by Nada Surf ‘Never Not Together’ – as Graeme Marsh on Stereboard put it, “Sandwiched between the [first and third track on the album] is ‘Come Get Me’, possibly the best track Nada Surf have ever recorded. Its mesmerising keyboard hook is an absolute joy, but the subject matter is anything but. Caws sings “I was always on my guard since I was a kid” and “there was no love in our home”, but this is a corker of a track that, in an ideal world, would be pumping out on radio stations for years.” And I basically couldn’t agree more. Sorry to nick your words Graeme. Have a good one – oh and we are having our annual AUK get together over the weekend in (wait for it…) Clitheroe, so do come and say hello if we’re not in too much of a state.

Nada Surf announce UK dates, share new song “So Much Love”

If you like a bit of Teenage Fanclub but are in a bit of a Teenage Fanclub-less hole at the moment then fear not, salvation is at hand in the form of the great Nada Surf who return next month with a new album ‘Never Not Together’ which is due out Feb 7th on City Slang. They’ve released a new track from the record too called ‘So Much Love’ – As Matthew Caws from the band puts it: “We’re good at love and being kind. It comes naturally to us, but so do other things. You just have to keep looking for the right way to lean, it’s worth everything.” Here are their UK dates.

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Video: Nada Surf “Song for Congress”

We leave you on this first (short) week back dear reader with a track I forgot to include in my top 10 of 2019 last month, my bad, and given it’s not available on streaming services it’ll get lost in the sands of time, or at least my ailing memory, if it’s not immortalised here on AUK. New York/Cambridge (our Cambridge) based Matt Caws’ beautiful elegy for a potentially lost country has questions for us right now too but ends with a note of optimism: “Do we dare look away? Shut our eyes as we slide into the dark? Now’s the time to do something.” Have a good one.