Only Child “Home” – Listen

Liverpool’s Only Child aka Alan O’Hare has leant on local legends for his new ‘Sound’ EP which was recorded during lockdown this year. Postponing sessions for the fourth Only Child album, O’Hare picked an old project out of his workbook, set to (socially-distanced) work with long-time collaborator Jon Lawton, and recorded a collection of his favourite songs written by Liverpool artists. It’s a lovely little set of songs, and we’re not just saying that as Scouse brethren. ‘Home’ opens the EP, originally recorded by Ian Prowse’s band Amsterdam, and says Alan “is what (‘round here) we call a belter. Its big music touched me down deep somewhere the first time I heard it and it still does the same thing today after hundreds of listens… Perhaps I’m too close, but I’ve always felt it as a lament that could only get busy being born amid heartbreak. Missing someone? This is for you.” Get the whole thing over on Bandcamp here.