Studio Life – Peter Donegan

Peter Donegan grew up with music. Surrounded by songs and the legacy of his father, Lonnie Donegan, music was always part of his life and it’s no surprise that he grew up playing guitar and piano and with a natural flair for singing. Lonnie Donegan transformed the British music industry when he led the skiffle revival in the 1950s, inspiring countless musicians who followed. Continue reading “Studio Life – Peter Donegan”

Peter Donegan “Live” (Independent, 2019)

Why do artists produce live albums? Usually, it’s to provide a flavour of their live performances and give a feel of being part of a unique event. Often, it’s to give a sense of their genuine musicianship and character that isn’t always evident on a studio recording. Sometimes, it’s to celebrate something special. In the case of Peter Donegan’s new ‘Live’ album, it’s all three. Continue reading “Peter Donegan “Live” (Independent, 2019)”