Ryan Law and The Shelter “Just a Stranger” (Independent, 2020)

If there is something particularly engaging about AUK and its remit then it is the opportunity to promote new and aspiring artists, who may run the gamut in terms of quality and originality but always impress with their enthusiasm. Ryan Law, guitar, vocals and songwriting and his two colleagues, Eric Smith on guitar and Russell Wedelich on bass, bring that quality to their debut release, ‘Just a Stranger’. Continue reading “Ryan Law and The Shelter “Just a Stranger” (Independent, 2020)”

The Sighs “Wait On Another Day” (Omad Records, 2017)

The third Sighs records arrives a might tardily 20 or so years after their last, and I’m tempted to say it’s worth the wait. The opener is a bit stodgy, then with Words Of Love a cavalcade of lovely harmony drenched power pop oozes into my ears. Thoughts of Another piles on the harmonies – it’s the kind of melancholy that makes sadness worthwhile. Even that though can’t hold a candle to the chorus of Words of Love, which really will have you scrambling back to your Big Star records. That’s followed by the title track that gets me all nostalgic for College Rock. Remember all those bands that sprung up around REM like Bleached Black, who made a record or two then disappeared? The Sighs have managed to return without sullying their reputation. Continue reading “The Sighs “Wait On Another Day” (Omad Records, 2017)”