Ethan Gold “Songs From a Toxic Apartment” (Gold, 2017)

As the title for this album might already suggest, if you’re looking for some music to get a Saturday night party underway this is not going to be your first port of call. “Songs From a Toxic Apartment” is not easy listening in any sense of the term. When you read Ethan Gold’s backstory it’s not surprising that this collection of songs is particularly bleak. He’s the son of American novelist Herbert Gold and Melissa Gold (nee Dilworth). They divorced and Melissa died in the helicopter crash that also claimed her boyfriend, rock promoter Bill Graham. Continue reading “Ethan Gold “Songs From a Toxic Apartment” (Gold, 2017)”

The Sound of Ghosts “Train to Nowhere” – Listen

The Sound of Ghosts are an Americana roots musical collective hailing from LA and who play a combination of traditional front porch Americana, folk-laden melodies and vintage rock’n’roll. Lead single Train to Nowhere is an upbeat folky song with driving guitars, catchy hooks and story-telling. Showcasing the band’s signature sound of fiddle-fueled melodies and soaring harmonies, accompanied by a powerful trumpet solo. Originally inspired after watching two Netflix documentaries ‘Big Easy Express’ and ‘Festival Express’, vocalist and ukulele-ist (is that a word?) Anna Orbison says: “this song is a perfect mix of what we do best”. As opposed to “this song is a perfect mix of what we do worst” – which could apply to the new Jonas Brothers record.

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy announces new album, new video – Watch

And it’s as oddly esoteric as you might imagine from his highness, amazing cover too. “The Pitch” reports: “Bonnie “Prince” Billy, aka Will Oldham, has announced a new album that covers Susanna’s 2007 LP Sonata Mix Dwarf Cosmos in its entirety. It’s called Wolf of the Cosmos, and it’s out November 17 via Drag City. He also shared a new music video for “People Living,” featuring footage from the Charlottesville riot. Check out the full tracklist and cover art below. Continue reading “Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy announces new album, new video – Watch”

Sounding Arrow “Loving Is Breathing” (California Country, 2017)

These songs have a vibe that, if it sat up a little, would be horizontal, a blissed out California sun-kissed feeling. They (rather Scott Kinnebrew) are infected with an enthusiasm for the present and for the near future that is as yet untainted with cynicism. The days where you still feel immortal, where mortgages and careers haven’t kicked in, where what you have is just enough. Remember when you could pack up your room in less than an hour and move on? The lazy country rock sound wraps the songs in a comfort blanket – everything is beautiful, everything is filled with love, pleasure is skateboarding, oh how I yearn for those days. Continue reading “Sounding Arrow “Loving Is Breathing” (California Country, 2017)”

Head For The Hills “Potions And Poisons” (Independent, 2017)

If you enjoy good, unflashy, down to earth Bluegrass music then this album will definitely appeal. Head For The Hills are a 4 piece band from Colorado who boast a very healthy, no-frills approach to their music. Between them, Adam Kinghorn, Joe Lessard, Sam Parks and Matt Loewen play guitar, violin, mandolin and bass and that pretty much covers what you will hear on this album. Continue reading “Head For The Hills “Potions And Poisons” (Independent, 2017)”

Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit, Albert Hall, Manchester, 25th October 2017

The resplendent setting of a former Methodist hall in central Manchester was a suitable venue to welcome Jason Isbell back to these shores and an expectant congregation of devotees were not disappointed by an evening that showcased perfectly the strengths of one of America’s finest artists and his excellent band. Continue reading “Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit, Albert Hall, Manchester, 25th October 2017”

El Goodo “By Order of the Moose” (Strangetown Records, 2017)

With bands like El Goodo you have to buy into what they’re doing or not engage at all. They indulge in a glorious nostalgia for 1960’s music – the signifiers are all decades old, they’re not about to break new ground, they’re just going to expand the pool of music inspired by the period, a Nuggets band where every day is an episode of The Prisoner. The test is how good they are at what they do, and El Goodo are amongst the best. Continue reading “El Goodo “By Order of the Moose” (Strangetown Records, 2017)”

Chris Stapleton “Millionaire” – Listen

Like the sickly sweet shortbread of the same name, Chris “Staple Gun” Stapleton has released Millionaire, a new song from his forthcoming album “From A Room: Volume 2.” which is a cover of the Kevin Welch country classic featuring Morgane Stapleton on harmony vocals. The album will be released December 1 on Mercury Records Nashville/Decca and is now available to pre-order digitally and with exclusive limited-edition bundles. He is very beardy though, no escaping it.

Jason Isbell appears on Andrew Marr Show

Jason Isbell made an appearance on the Andrew Marr show yesterday morning playing the track If We Were Vampires from his latest album.  Described by Marr as “the maverick star of americana” you can catch the performance in the last five minutes of the show here although be warned if you click back to early you may have to endure the horror of watching Jeremy Hunt look like he expects to be given the job of Chancellor in the not too distant future.  And if the track whets your appetite, why not catch his whole Tiny Desk Concert below. Continue reading “Jason Isbell appears on Andrew Marr Show”