Ron Sexsmith “Hermitage” (Cooking Vinyl, 2020)

Songsmith Sexsmith arrives with his sixteenth album and it’s a notable departure from much of his earlier work. The Canadian singer/songwriter sounds positively chipper. In the wake of a move from his habitual home city of Toronto to the more rural setting of Stratford, Ontario, Sexsmith seems to have discovered a new sense of well-being and contentment. He’s never been a particularly biting or pithy songwriter but the romanticism has often been tinged with a sense of irony; on this new album, ‘Hermitage’, he seems almost relentlessly upbeat. The album gets off to an excellent start as the opening number ‘Spring of the Following Year’, is introduced not by music but by bird song, leading into a pretty, piano-driven love ballad to a new season, with some very tasteful guitar breaks and the return of the bird song at the end. All very bucolic. Continue reading “Ron Sexsmith “Hermitage” (Cooking Vinyl, 2020)”

Ron Sexsmith has new music and a UK tour

Entering his 25th year as a recording artist, Ron Sexsmith returns in 2020 with a new album called ‘Hermitage‘.   It was recorded in Sexsmith’s living room in his new home of Stratford Ontario, having moved from longtime residence in Toronto.  The album was produced by Don Kerr, and, remarkably, other than drums Rom Sexsmith plays all the instruments as well as delivering his trademark thoughtful lyrics.  ‘Hermitage’ will be out on April 17th.  Before that, though, Ron Sexsmith has the first single out. Continue reading “Ron Sexsmith has new music and a UK tour”